Is your laundry operation a concern?

Is staffing for quality and consistencty a challenege?

Do you know exactly what your cost per pound is?

Is laundry maintenance destroying your budget?

Could you more effectively utilize the space of your laundry operation?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions...

Wisconsin Hospitality Linen Service can help!

  • WHLS is a large capacity, state of the art commercial laundry facility, specializing in housekeeping and food and beverage linen laundering.

  • Located within the city of Milwaukee, WHLS is just minutes from your operation, but even more important...

  • WHLS understands the needs and unique challenges of the fast paced hospitality industry.

  • We are committed to customer satisfaction and quality!

  • Whether it's 500 pounds or 5,000 pounds a day, WHLS can "turn it around" in 24 hours.

  • We track all linen with color-coded tags and packing slips, and our linen is washed and processed "one customer at a time."

We realize your time is valuable. If you would like to hear how we can eliminate one of your management challenges...give me a call at 414-482-0840.

I look forward to speaking with you and to showing you how Wisconsin Hospitality Linen Service can help solve your laundry problems...
Once and for all!

Keith Scheffler
General Manager